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Silicone Stripping

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Silicone Stripping
Silicone Stripping

Almost every one of our products are available in strip form. With or without an adhesive back in which we refer to as "PSA" (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive)

Currently we stock Medium Density Silicone Sponge and 50-60 Durometer Solid Silicone in master rolls for quick slitting and shipping. Call Customer Service for availability.

All grades available:
Sponge and Foam
Commercial Grade
Specification Grade
Electrically Conductive
Medical Grade
FDA Grade

Many types of "PSA"
Standard Acrylic
Extreme High Temperature Acrylic
High Tack Acrylic


PDF Standard Acrylic (PDF - 177KB)

PDF Extreme High Temperature Acrylic (PDF - 104KB)

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